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"Power pop refuses to die. Just ask Trade Heroes, a local quartet that combines the blistering attitude of rock n’ roll with melodic harmonies that create a clean, tuneful sound. The band sure knows how to write a good riff with aplomb on their debut EP Phosphene, exposing squalling guitars alongside finely crafted arrangements that are just plain fun to listen to."

The Deli Magazine (12/17/15)


In every field, be it music or carpentry, there are those who do their jobs so well that they inspire others to follow in their footsteps. Trade Heroes, the band, are not those people. Still, they try their best to channel their own inspirations into original music– music that people can run, fight, dance, and sing along to all at once. 

What started out as pure escapism– four friends jamming on the weekends to combat the workaday doldrums– soon evolved into a passion project. Now, as songwriters and performers, the members of Trade Heroes strive for that sweet spot between heavy and catchy, light and dark, classic and current – like the Last Waltz by way of CBGB. 


Marcus Rinehart / Guitar, Vocals
Evan Moore / Drums, Vocals
Jake Flynn / Guitar
Sam Harwood / Bass