"Power pop refuses to die. Just ask Trade Heroes, a local quartet that combines the blistering attitude of rock n’ roll with melodic harmonies that create a clean, tuneful sound. The band sure knows how to write a good riff with aplomb on their debut EP Phosphene, exposing squalling guitars alongside finely crafted arrangements that are just plain fun to listen to."

The Deli Magazine (12/17/15)


"This is way more cowbell than I can handle."

Another Dying Artform (9/2/16)


"Omg this is so weird and upsetting."

anonymous (11/8/17)


"Trade Heroes... they're a band. They play instruments and sing and the whole thing. End of quote."

Lonnie Raukin, Raukin-Soss Management Partners (11/9/17)


"I've been selling Cadillacs since '84. Best Cadillac salesman north of the Platte River, they call me. Got a plaque and everything. So I guess you could say Trade Heroes is the Arnie Conders of rock & roll."

Arnie Conders (unknown)


"This music is better than sex. OK, maybe not sex. But better than a club sandwich, definitely. Most club sandwiches. A club is the kind with like four pieces of bread, right?"

Corbel Flond, Editor-in-Chief, Magnanimazine (Official Review)


"Who cares if there's no money in it."

Mom & Dad (every day)



Marcus "Juke" Rinehart / Guitar, Vocals
Evan "Even More" Moore / Drums, Vocals
Jake "The Taste" Flynn / Guitar, Bass, Keys
Sam "And Sometimes Sam" Harwood / Bass, Trombone